MultiPulse Tm+1470

Thulium Laser Combined with 1,470 nm Wavelength

Jena Surgical introduces MultiPulse Tm+1470, the only unique combination system of two wavelengths: 1,940 nm and 1,470 nm with maximum power of 120 W + 30 W. When a greater coagulation effect is required, it is sufficient to change from the “cutting-mode” to the “coagulation-mode”, selecting the 1,470 nm wavelength only by pressing a different pedal. The pedal control allows the surgeon to select the required mode without changing the laser fiber and without looking away from the operating field.

The ability to mix or separate these two wavelengths allows optimization of the laser beam interaction with the tissue (coagulation depth of 0.1 - 0.2 mm). This ensures perfect vaporization and better hemostasis when cutting, using less working power and thus minimizing residual carbonization.