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importer and marketing company.

Since 2001, PT. Gratia Jaya Mulya started to develop its core business in medical devices field to meet the regional hospitals needs. Gradually, we expand our business by establishing joint venture operational of medical equipment with the local hospitals and opening new branches in Indonesia archipelago area. In 2016, GJM developed its business core into the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to reach larger business area. Gratia Information Solution (GIS) is a system build in custom made; dedicated for medical, business, campus and infrastructure solutions; would integrate to any data in its area, manage to support the required information.

We do concern about the business development and activities, both in terms of the employees’ welfare and the society needs; especially in medical devices facility. Therefore, we always give the priority to the customer; to be prominent and reliable company by satisfactory products and services.

We do provide an excellent service for your satisfaction, because the customer is always be our priority. With the spirit of “EXCELLENT SERVICE”, we expand our business growth by synergetic movement.


PT. Gratia Jaya Mulya has constantly endeavored to provide the world class of medical equipment and after sales services to the customer properly as well.

Through meticulous attention to the detail and strategic hard working, we present an excellence of After-Sales Service. It is one of mutual beneficial service we offer to the customer in maintaining and improving the existing equipment.


From the beginning, PT. Gratia Jaya Mulya has put more attention to the product quality. We always committed to offer the National and International Quality Standards for the good safety and satisfaction to the customer and community.

Our products meet the International Quality Standard and have received the certification of FDA, TUV, ISO, IEC, or CE.